Charleston, You’re Delicious

Okay, so I’m addicted and in love with a little city in the south. Every time I visit, I can’t seem to get enough. The food. The cobblestones. Historic everything. Rooftop beverages at sunset. Morning jogs along the battery. Friends gathered each visit.
There are WAY too many amazing spots to shop, dine, drink, and tour in Charleston. Do your research. And visit often. These are just a few of my favorites during a quick 4-day visit:
DAY 1:
Arrive in CHS.
Rent a car for a couple days or your entire stay.
Paddleboarding and beach walks at Folly.
Tacos at Taco Boy paired with screwdrivers.
Finish with a late evening wine and charcuterie at Bin 152.
DAY 2:
Morning workout of your choice (must work off yesterday’s treats).
Early afternoon sunning by the pool at King Charles Inn.
Lunch at Monza. Half carafe of pinot grigio. Pizza.
Sunset drinks at Vendue Inn rooftop bar.
Dinner at Rarebit.
DAY 3:
Battery walk in the morning with a loop down Meeting or King street.
Lunch at CO – Vietnamese and awesome for lunch or dinner.
Beach visit, because once wasn’t enough.
Back in time for a cocktail at Husk Bar.
Dinner at Two Boroughs Larder.
DAY 4:
Maybe a workout this morning, but let’s be real, the pool sounds way better at this point.
Bike rentals just down the road, or if you’re lucky, your hotel has them.
Ride to Xiao Bao Biscuit for lunch.
Get their version of the dark and stormy, with coconut milk.
Anything on the menu is a win.
Burn off your lunch with happy hour bowling at The Alley. Or play one of their many old school video games. Can you say Mortal Combat? NBA Jam? The Alley is a bar, arcade, and bowling alley. Aka heaven.
Dinner anywhere you please. Try Husk, Fig, Butcher and Bee or another food gem that has undoubtedly sprouted up within the last 6 months.

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  1. Moorigami
    - September 12, 2013 Reply


    Thank you for sharing your travel tips! I love living vicariously through all your beautiful photos.

    Love you!

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